About Shannon


I discovered a passion for advocacy & coaching during my years in educational management at a large University.  My time spent advocating for students, training administration, goal plan coaching, and managing disability rights compliance, along with a Masters Degree in Management; have prepared me to help your family with their special education needs. 

SMW Consulting & Advocacy, LLC was created to assist you in discovering your disability rights in an educational setting. Our goal is to empower parents with a better understanding of the special education system. We also offer training on disability related topics, and coaching to help those touched by disability reach their maximum potential. 

I reside in Chandler, Arizona with my husband, our son, and fearless pup. I love the outdoors, hiking, yoga, reading, and helping others reach their goals-regardless of obstacles.



  • Special Education Advocacy & Meeting Support
    • Navigating the Special Education System
    • Accommodation, Service & Goal Advisement
    • 504/IEP/ADA Meeting Support
    • Current Student Record Reviews

  • Parent Education & Community Training
    • Special Education Laws & Compliance
    • Special Needs Parenting
    • Community Resources & Outreach
    • ADHD & Executive Functioning

  • Life Coaching & Goal Planning
    • Self-Confidence & Advocacy
    • Life skills & Accountability
    • Career Exploration & College Planning  
    • SMART Goal Setting